Exquisite , Exciting , Epicurean , Earnestly , Extreme , Exceptional Portable Ice Cream

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The Exquisite Portable Ice Cream

is a subsidiary of Sugar Flour Pastries.

We started in the summer of 2017, selling ice cream sandwiches at The Amelia Island Market Place with our Chocolate in Chocolate and our Lemon Cookie and Raspberry Swirl flavors. Since then we have created over 30 flavors and counting. We constantly change what flavors we offer, since we love to dream up interesting seasonal combinations along with our classic standards.

What makes them standout is the fact they taste so very good!

What makes them so very good is that we make them with real wholesome ingredients

that are allowed to shine without the use of artificial flavorings, colors, preservatives, or too much sugar. A signature of all the desserts that we make is the fact that they aren't too sweet. And yes, we do make them ourselves from scratch. Including the semi freddo ice cream itself, the sauces we swirl in and the shortbread cookies we sandwich them in.

Need Some Flavor In Your Life?

The following are just a few of the many, classic, seasonal and custom flavors we have done in the past or are planning to make in the future:

where to find E.P.I.C. ice cream sandwiches:

  • Amelia Island Market Place
  • Pi Infinite Combinations
  • Tasty's Amelia
  • Halftime Bar and Grill
  • Indulge Food Truck
  • Andrews Homestead in Switzerland Florida

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